Seasonal Services


12-Month Plan for the Best Looking Lawn in the Neighborhood

When it comes to lawn care companies, there can be a big difference in service and price. This year, we hope you give Green Acres, Inc. a call, and discover what high quality lawn care can mean for you, your family, and your property.

Our attention to detail takes into account the many factors that affect the growth and health of your grass. From soil composition and elevation, to shade and the impact of other vegetation surrounding your property, the experts at Green Acres have seen it all. We have witnessed first-hand the many microclimates of Southeast Connecticut, both coastal and inland locations. We offer in depth analysis of lawn conditions and we can recommend custom treatments when diseases and pests threaten to damage grass and shrubs. Our customers receive personalized advice and year- round services to keep lawns looking their best. A Service for Every Season

  • Jan. & Feb. – Dormant seeding. Freeze/thaw cycles will naturally pull seeds into the soil for April germination.
  • March – Applying lime & aeration, we use a pelletized limestone to raise soil pH
  • April – To provide adequate air, reduce thatch and soil compaction, and thereby increase root growth
  • May – The first fertilization treatment as well as crabgrass and broadleaf weed control treatment.
  • June & July – Second round of fertilization, with surface insect and weed control treatment.
  • LATE July/August/Early Sept. – Grub control treatments also: includes fertilization and grub control treatment
  • Sept. & Oct. Cyclone seeding, slice seeding or total lawn renovation: This is the best time to reseed, as needed.
  • Oct. & Nov. – pH test. fall fertilization, broadleaf weed control treatment.
  • Dec. – Begin applying lime and dormant seeding