About Us


Great Value and Results You Can Count On

At Green Acres, Inc., all we do is service lawns. We are experts in every facet of lawn care maintenance. What we’ve come to learn is that attention to details applied at the right amount and during the right season, each year, will keep lawns looking their best.

We pride ourselves on teamwork. Our own team is coordinated and puts every customer on a guaranteed service plan that ensures we do not miss a visit or a necessary treatment throughout the year.

What we know is: the right product, applied at the right time, in the proper amount, each year, will keep your lawn looking it’s best.

Whether you are home or away when we provide our lawn care services, we will leave you a summary of the work completed and any follow up instructions you may need to know regarding safety of the yard for children and pets, as well as any additional watering or care instructions that may be recommended.

We’re not the cheapest lawn service in the area. If you want cheap, you’ll need to look elsewhere. We do offer a great product at a reasonable price. We have many people who have been customers since 1986, the year green acres was started.

We know you have a lot of choices in lawn care. We appreciate the trust Green Acres’ customers put in us. Our basic lawn maintenance program includes four annual visits to ensure your lawn gets the seasonal attention it needs. Here’s what’s included: Balanced fertilization, crabgrass, broadleaf weed, and surface insect control, and a pH test in the fall. Under this plan, we also apply grub control in the summer at no extra charge.

For a full list of our services that go beyond the basics, please read our Seasonal Services web page.